Investment Thesis

Our goal is provide clarity and generate transformative enterprise value in the breakthrough technologies we invest in.


We are very comfortable with what most deem as pure risk or overly complex federal &/or state regulations. If a potential portfolio company meets our VISION criteria, there is a regulatory path and economic logic in the value proposition, we are often eager to take a promising capital and/or advisory position.


We are building a path to successful exits for all our portfolio companies via our strategic investments. We do not force innovators to chose between their own vision and investor demands. We have mastered the balanced approach to both portfolio and innovation management.


We have been in the shoes of innovators, start-up founders/employees.

We have advised as strategic regulatory and economic consultants.

We have invested as angels and venture capitalists.

We are educated with graduate degrees in law, economics, finance, and science.


We can provide a truly uniquely pragmatic academic and commercial analysis.

This analysis is expertly applied in our approach to choosing our investments and helping them achieve the balance described above, while driving home successful exits and helping to impact society in a beneficial way.