Anjan Chatterji, MBA, JD, LLM

Co-founder / Manager​

"If I had to put us in a box, at Horatio Washington Ventures LLC, I would say we create immense value by articulating and capitalizing on the intersection of Finance, Commercial Know-How, Scientific Prowess, and Complete Understanding and the Legal Ramifications of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Hatch Waxman Modifications thereunder, Patient Care and Affordability Act, and so on... without a strong grasp in these areas, it is not possible to reach and sustain alpha returns."

​​​I have worked over 10 years in the life sciences and biotech industries in several capacities, many of which required me to utilize my crossover skills, education, & experiences in law, sciences, finance and economics, including (a) corporate and business development, (b) personal and third party finance and venture management, (c) life sciences financial engineering and consultant for M&A, and (d) Legal consulting on regulatory and patent infringement risk.

I have also published several white and peer reviewed papers, one of which was cited in the final decree for reverse settlements in the Supreme Court’s decision in FTC v. Actavis et. al. I have a MBA and JD, as well as a LLM from Northwestern University.

These professional, commercial and academic experiences have allowed me to understand where to find areas of stable growth in the healthcare and technology fields, and truly relate to the needs of the companies we support.